Robert Reich

Robert Reich best known for drawing supply and demand graphs shorted Tesla at $200 and lost millions.

To let out his frustration, Robert Reich took to Twitter calling Elon Musk a “modern-day” robber baron for “forcing” all Tesla workers to take a 10% pay cut from mid-April until July.

Robert goes to explain how Tesla’s stock price has skyrocketed and Elon Musk’s net worth has quadrupled.  Elon responded calling Robert a modern-day moron.

Besides making a complete fool of himself for thinking that an illiquid position in Tesla translates into liquid wealth. Robert’s wealth inequality mission, where he just yells at successful people on the internet took a turn for the worst when he shorted Tesla at $200, pre-split.

Since losing untold millions attempting to short Tesla before the stocks’s 10x run. Robert has been sleeping under a bridge, eating cold canned beans and panhandling supply and demand graphs drawn on cardboard.

In other news, investors jumped back into safe haven tech stocks.  Two tech investors were seen making out in a Tesla before it exploded.  The Fed continued to print money to oblivion totally forgetting what hyperinflation stood for.  Quoth the Rave continued to spit and swear before passing out from too many Tequlia shots.