Ramp Capital: ‘I’m actually paralyzed from the waist down’


FinTwit – Ramp Capital, the Chief Financial Officer of the financial subculture community on Twitter said, “Believe it or not, but I’m actually paralyzed from the waist down.  How else do you think I would find all this time to post on Twitter? 

With 150,000 followers and counting, Ramp Capital finds the time to post on Twitter more than 420 times a day.  “I’ve been living in my own little quarantine called this wheelchair my entire life,” Ramp said.  “This worldwide quarantine is nothing.  I’ve been doing this since I was a kid.”

Ramp Capital is one of the most highly engaged FinTwit accounts around.  A simple fart joke by Ramp will garner thousands of likes.  “I betcha ten thousand dollars I could post a picture of a pile of dog crap and get one thousand likes,” Ramp said while doing wheelies in his wheelchair.

Besides posting on Twitter more than 420 times a day, Ramp Capital runs a website called, “330ramp.com”.  The website features a blog, newsletter and crowdsourced portfolio called “WeRamp”.

“WeRamp is a crowdsourced portfolio that is updated every week with a new stock. Each week you will vote via Twitter which stock to add to the portfolio. Then, I buy it with real money. Read the full instructions here. Read the full disclaimer here.”

“I think people like WeRamp because it gives them a ‘handicap’ in the game of investing,” Ramp said.  “It’s pretty much a cheat code.  If you copy the portfolio and lose money you can blame other people for being stupid – it gives you the chance to take zero responsibilities for your investing actions.”

Ramp is putting $10,000 dollars of his own money into WeRamp – giving the power of voters to run his portfolio. 

Ramp also said he is thinking about launching and exchange traded fund (“ETF”) called Paralyzed Stocks this summer.  “The goal of the ETF is to invest in stocks that don’t go up or down at all.  An ETF where you don’t lose or make money – the first of it’s kind,” Ramp said smiling.

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